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Friday, January 18, 2013


Am not=aren’t , 
is  not=isn’t , 
are not=aren’t,   
was not=wasn’t, 
were not=weren’t, 
have not=haven’t ,
has not=hasn’t ,
had not=hadn’t,
do not=don’t ,
 did not=didn’t, 
does not=doesn’t,
could not=couldn’t ,
may not=mayn’t, 
might not=mightn’t,
shall not=shan’t, 
should not=shouldn’t,
Will not=won’t , 
would not=wouldn’t
must not=mustn’t, 
dare not=daren’t , 
need not=needn’t, 
ought not=oughtn’t

Contractions of pronoun

I am=I’m, 

He/she/it/name+is/was= He/she/it/name’s.

We/you/they+are/were= we/you/they+’re

I/We/you/they+have= I/We/you/they+’ve

He/she/it/name+has= He/she/it/name+’s+v-p.p.

I/We/you/they /He/she/it/name +had= I/We/you/they /He/she/it/name+’d+v-p.p,

I/We+shall= I/We+’ll ,

You/they /He/she/it/name+will= you/they /He/she/it/name+’ll,

 I/We/you/they /He/she/it/name+would= I/We/you/they /He/she/it/name+’d,

Friday, January 4, 2013

Tag question

Add Tag question to the following sentences:-



Dhaka board -2012
1)The baby is innocent.

2)Nothing comes out of nothing.

3)The glass contains little water.

4)In our class,everybody knows everybody.

5)The mother rose in her.

Analysis of the answers:

1)      isn’t it? 
2)      does it? 
3)      does it? 

4)      don’t they?
5)      didn’t it?