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Monday, August 29, 2011



In order to learn to complete sentences ,one must have vocabulary,knowledge of tense ,and some rules.The rules are following.

1.Read the following sentences:

He is too weak to walk.
You are too dull to learn this.

subject +verb +too+adjective +to +verb +ext.

Complete the bellow sentence

The are too poor
We are too ill
He was too dishonest

2.Read the following sentence:

He is so short that he cannot touch the roof.
They were so poor that they could not earn their living.

Subj. +verb +so +adj. +that +subj. +can/could +not +verb +ext.

Complete the bellow sentence:

The boy is weak that
Their condition was so rough that
You are so rich that
We were so young that

3.Read the following sentences :

He reads sothat he can pass.
They worked sothat they could earn money.

Subj. +verb +so that /inorderthat/that +subj. +can/could + verb +ext.

Complete the bellow sentence:

We eat sothat
He went to the shop inorderthat
The roads were made that