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Sunday, December 11, 2011

complex compound

Transformation of sentence

Learning to change complex sentence into compound sentence.

Read the following sentences:-

Complex:-If you read attentively,you will pass in the examination.
Compound:- Read attentively and you will pass in the examination.

Complex:-If you work hard,you can succeed in life.
Compound:-Work hard and you can succeed in life.

Complex:-If you attend school regularly,you can learn enough.
Compound:-Attend school regularly and you can learn enough.
Complex:If they came,I would help them.
Compound:-They came and I would help them.


Compound:-subject+verb+ext. and subject+verb+ext.


If there is second person word  in both the clauses as subject and the verb in if-clause is in present tense in a complex sentence,in order to change it into a compound sentence if+subject will be deleted and then both the clauses will be joined by and after deleting comma between the clauses .If there is different subject in both the clauses in a complex sentence,if will be deleted  and both the clauses will be joined by and with a view to changing it into a compound sentence.