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Friday, November 23, 2012

How to learn about letter writing

Letter writing
Letter writing is not very difficult.In order to exchange thought, feelings,experiences,messages,views,People use  to write letters.Now a days due to access to other means of modern,recent and scientific ways of communication, it is seen in different offices and business farms.In every letter,one must aware of what he is going to write,to whom he is writing,why he is writing.He should write in such way that the receiver can easily understand clearly while reading.A letter may be historically important.It is a document too.For this the sender or writer must be careful of his writing.

Writing application on public affairs

with a view to writing application on public affairs one can write in the following way:

The post of the authoritative person
subject: prayer for ........................................

Dear sir,

we,the inhabitants of ............... locality,beg to draw your kind notice that ours' an over populated area.But it is a matter of regret that ................. .So,we are in need of ..........

May we,therefore,pray and hope that you be kind enough to grant the prayer and oblige thereby. 

Sincerely yours'
the inhabitants of.............area/locality.
Suppose you are going to write an application to the D.C. for repairing the roads,then you should write,

The D.C.
subject:prayer for repairing  the roads.

Dear sir ,
we .the people of sadar upzilla,like to draw your kind notice that ours' is a vast area.About ten thousand people live here.A lot of people come here everyday for various purpose.But it is a matter of regret that all the roads of our locality have been damaged.They are not suitable for movement.So,we are in need of repairing the roads.

May we,therefore,pray and hope that you would be kind enough to grant the prayer and oblige thereby.

Sincerely yours.'
the people of sadar upzilla.

How to write application on public affairs.

with a view to learning to write application for joint purpose/public affairs,one may try in the following way,

Dear sir ,
I,on behalf of the students of your institution,beg to state that ours' a famous institute.But it's a matter of regret that ................................ So,we are in need of ....................(write from the subj.)

May I/we ,therefore,pray and hope that you will kindly grant the prayer.

Yours' obediently,
your name
on behalf of the students of your institute.
The student of your institute.

Suppose in order to write an application to the H.M./principle for a canteen/computer club ,one can write:-

The H.M./Principal

subject:prayer for a canteen/to set up a canteen/for setting up a canteen.

Dear sir .

I,onbehalf of the students of your school/college or
we,the student of your school/college,
beg to state that our's a famous school/college in our locality.It is a matter of great regret that there is no canteen here.As a result we suffer much for want of a canteen.So.we are in need of setting up a canteen.
May I/we, therefore ,pray and hope that you will kindly grant the prayer and oblige thereby.

Yours' obediently,
on behalf of the students of your school/college.
The students of your school/college.

How to write an Application

As a student,one has to write some application to various authority individually,jointly and for public affairs.With a view to learning to write an application to any authority for any individual affairs,one can write through the bellow way.

The post of the authoritative person

subject:Prayer for noun/to +verb/for +verb -ing+ext.

Dear Sir,

I beg to state that I am a student in this institution for a few years. I always continue with a good result in the examinations. .........................................So I am in need of ......................

May I, therefore ,pray and hope that you will kindly grant the prayer and oblige thereby. 

Yours' obediently
your name.

The Headword

The main word of a phrase modified by other words is the honest man in this phrase man is a headword.usually it lies in noun phrase,noun clause,verb phrase,adj.phrase,adv.phrase.

How to recognize headword:
1.noun phrase as headword:the noun used in the noun phrase is a can be used as subj.and obj.

a.noun phrase as headword as subject:an honest boy can succeed.Here boy a headword.

b.noun phrase as headword as object:we honour a learned man.

Sometimes1.noun infinitive phrase may be the tell a lie is a sin.2.compound headword:if there are more word liked by and,or,but,it is compound subject.It is the headword also.3.noun clause as headword:a noun clause used as a subject in a sentence is a headword.i.e.That he is honest is true 

c.verb phrase as headword:there are av and p.v in a verb phrase and the p.v. of a verb phrase is the headword..i.e.He has been playing is the headword.

d.adj.phrase as headword:he is quite hopeful of his success.Here hopeful is a headword.

e.adv.phrase as headword:Ice was all around them.Here around is a headword.


d.Noun -adjective as premodifier:when a noun with an adjective is used before a noun .i.e.a small tea pot,a nice fob chain,a busy bus station

e.compounds as premodifier:it is a group of words using as a single adj. Or noun.i.e.a hard working man,a back-dated idea,a first-class compartment.etc.

f.possessive as a modifier: possessive adj. my,our,his,her,their,your are also used as a premodifier.i.e.his cousin,her brother,Ra-him's father etc.

g.Adverb as premodifier:then headmaster,above passage,dawn train etc.


The modifier which is used after a noun or noun phrase is a post modifier.there are different type of post modifier

a.infinitive phrase as post modifier:to verb. *noun is used after another noun.i.e.a trial to save life,decision to study medicine etc.

b.participle as post modifier;present and past participle are used post modifier.i.e.the man lying on the floor,the book published in 1993 etc.

c.prep.phrase as post modifier:the in torn cloth,the fish on the fan etc.

d.Appositive as a post modifier:when two noun remaining closely indicate the same person or thing ,then the letter one is the Appositive or case in apposition.i.e.Mr.Ahmed,headmaster of this school.

e.adjective as post modifier:sometimes adj. Is used after a noun or pronoun(everyone,some ,any ,each) as a post modifier.i.e.members present in the meeting,something abnormal in his behavior etc.

f.Relative clause as post modifier:the man who came here,the pen which is black etc.

g.adverb as post modifier:any adverb used after a noun.i.e.the question bellow,the man there etc.


The word or phrase using before a noun modifies it,is called a give more information about a works like an adjective in a sentence. It is used before or after of the headword of a sentence.sometimes there may be modifier of an adverbial phrase.Determiners,adjectives and noun-adj. can be used as modifier.
Modifiers are of two kinds.1.premodifier and modifier


When any modifier is used before a noun or noun phrase,it is called is used before the headword of a noun phrase and after the determiner of it.There are different types of premodifier.

a.Adjective as premodifier:when an adj. is used before a noun or noun is also called attributive use of article.i.e.a wise boy,an interesting story.

b.participle as premodifier:when a participle is used before a noun or noun phrase.only present(v-ing) and past participle(v-p.p) are used in this case.i.e. A sleeping dog,a learned man,running train,polluted air.

c.noun as premodifier:when a noun modifies another noun.i.e.train journey,bus fare,sea beach.

Writing composition

It is not easy to write composition.In order to write a composition,one must have knowledge in sentence making,vocabulary,using phrase and idioms etc.One's imagination is helpful too.If any body is able to think and write creative .he will have the ability to write any composition quite well. One should read articles,journals,poem,story,composition,etc.One should read daily newspaper too.One should keep a diary.First he can write 2-5 sentence everyday and correct them with the help of his parents,guardians,teachers etc.Afterwards he should write 2-5 para a day.When he is habituated ,he will write 2 or more pages a day.He will write whatever he likes/watches/enjoys/sees.Then he will be able to write a composition or any creative thing.

An Appositive or Case in Apposition

when two noun sitting beside each other indicate the same person or thing is an appositive or case in apposition. There should be put comma before and after the is used as a noun is of three kinds.such as 

1)Nominitive in appositive: used after the subject.i.e.Mr.kamal,headmaster of this school, is very honest.
2)Objective in appositive: used after the object to express more about the object.i.e.I know Jamal ,an honest boy.
3)possessive in adjective: the possessive to indicate the possession with its previous noun.i.e.I know Nazru,the poet's work.

The appositive used at first of a sentence sits before the noun.i.e.The famous novel,David copperfield is a classic.