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Monday, April 16, 2012


There are three ways  for  changing masculine  gender  to feminene gender.
They are :-
1.using an opposite word i.e.

Masculine     feminene
Man                woman,
Boy                  girl,
Lad                   lady

2.adding –ess at the end of a masculine noun i.e.

Masculine     feminene
Tiger              tigress
Lion              lioness
Poet            poetess

3.using the feminene noun of a masculine noun in a compound noun i.e.

Masculine                  feminene
Brother-in-law            sister-in-law
Milkman                     milkmaid
Bull-calf                      cow-calf



Gender are of four   types. They are 
1.Masculine gender

 2.Femine gender 
3.Common gender 
4.Neuter gender. 
The following tree of gender can easily indicate the different types of gender.

1.    Masculine gender:-It indicates the state of being male about a noun or pronoun.i.e. Boy,Man,Tiger 
2.Femine gender:-It indicates the state of being female about a noun or pronoun.i.e.Sister,Actress,Girl
3.Common    gender:-It indicates the state of being  both male and female about a noun or pronoun.i.e. Child,Friend,Baby
4.Neuter gender:-It indicates the state of being  neither male nor female about a noun or pronoun.i.e.tree,book,table