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Monday, February 27, 2012



9)Some nouns may take plural forms.But when they make compound adjective and indicate some quantity or number,they will be singular and the following singular adjectives will be used before the compound adjective .i.e.a,an,one,this,that etc.For example:- a ten year boy,a five foot scale,a one taka note etc.

10)All fractions/portions are always plural except one part of the portion/fraction i.e.
Two thirds of the work.Three fives of the mango etc.

11)Length or quantity will be always in singular i.e. Fifty miles,Two months etc.

12)The name of any country /book will be in singular i.e.Great Expectations,The United State of  America etc.

13)If word means news or expectation or promise in a sentence, word will be in singular.

14)If a singular noun is used after lots/a lot/heaps/half,the verb after this noun will be singular and if a plural noun is used after lots/a lot/heaps/half,the verb after this noun will be plural.

15)More than one is always used in singular;so,the verb after it will be singular.If there are two/three after more than ,the verb will be plural.

16)If the same noun are linked with/by/to/after,they will be singular i.e.Day after day.

17)There is no plural form of any adjective.But if definite article "the" is used before an adjective,it will be a plural common noun and the verb after it will be plural.

18) Earlier 's is added after letter and figure to make them plural.Now-a-days '(apostropy) is not used in plural form.

19)Hunting birds or animals are used to indicate collective meaning,they will be plurals.



1)The following words are always in singular;they have no plural form. i.e.
Furniture,Scenery,Information,Poetry,Machinery,Expenditure,Issue,Bread etc.

2)The following words are always in plural,they have no singular form .i.e.
Aristocracy,Gentry,Nobility,Peasantry,Cattle,Poultry,Majority,Tenantry,Perfumery, Artillery,Vermin,People, Public,Mankind,Clergy,Government etc.

3)Though the following words seems to be plural,they are always used in singular number .i.e.
Mathematics,Physics,Politics,Economics,News,Ethics,Optics,Innings,Wages,Gallows,Athletics etc.
4)Generally Fruit,Fish,brick,hair,Alphabet are used in singular number;but when they refer different meaning,they can be plural number.

5)The following words are always used in plural number i.e.
Alms,Amends,Mumps,Measles,Scissors,Trousers,Spectacles,Environs, Nuptials,Proceeds,Bowels,Tidings,Assets,Belongings,Savings,Earnings, Surroundings,Aborigines,Ashes,Entrails,Fetters,Vitals etc.But amends,mumps,measles,alms,tidings can be used in singular form also.

6)The following words are always similar in both singular number and plural number .i.e,
Deer,Sheep,Canon,Gross,Pice,Apparatus,Swine,Spices,Innings,Corps,Salmon etc.

7)If there is the following numeral words used before a noun,the noun will not be plural.i.e.
Dozen,Brace,Fathom,Yoke,Score,Pair,Hundred,Thousand,Head etc.

8)If the following numeral words are used before a noun and the numerals indicate double or triple,the noun word will be plural i.e.
Some,Several,A few, lots of ,Many etc.