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Friday, December 9, 2011

complex compound

Transformation of sentence

Learning to change from complex sentence to compound sentence:-

Read the following sentences:

Complex: Though he is poor, he is honest.
Compound: He is poor but honest.
Complex:Though they studied attentively,they failed in the examination.
Compound:They studied attentively but failed in the examination.
Complex:Although he worked hard,he was not paid properly.
Compound:He worked hard but was not paid properly.
Complex:Although the boy ran fast,he could not win the race.
Compound:The boy ran fast but could not win the race.





If there is the same subj. in all the clauses of any  complex sentence started with though/although,In order to change it into a compound sentence;though/although will be replaced by but and but will be placed between the clauses.Again if there is the same subj. in all the clauses,in compound sentence the subject will not be placed after the conjunction but.For different subjective words in different clauses,they remained unchanged in both complex and compound sentence.