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Tuesday, September 13, 2011



Read the following sentence:
The subarna express will arrive at 5 p.m.
Which train will arrive at 5 p.m.
Ripe mangoes taste sweet.
Which mangoes taste sweet?

To know any animal or goods or thing,which is helps to separate or like anything.when which is used as a subj.then no personal word can be used as subj.The structure is
which +noun +verb +ext?

When which is used for an obj,a personal subj.must be present in that sentence and the structure is
which +noun +aux. verb+subj. +verb +ext? For example 

He will buy a grammer book.
Which book will he buy?
They like this blue pen.
Which pen do they like?

For indicating a person,who and which are used for same meaning.
He is talking to Rana.
Who is he talking to?
Which man is he talking to?

Sometimes what and which are used before a noun for the same meaning.
He reads in class ten.
Which/what class does he read?
You like folk song.
What/which song do you like?



To know the age,depth,height,length,wideth,time etc,How+adjective is used.The bellow
structure is used,
How +adj. +to be +subject?   For example

He is 20.
How old is he?
The pond is 12 feet deep.
How deep the pond is?

To know about quantity ,how much is used and to know about the number,how many is used. The structure is
How much/many +noun +aux. verb+subj.+verb+ext?

He ate as much as rice he could.
How much did he eat?
He will buy ten eggs.
How many eggs will he buy?

To know the adverb of frequency or degree,how +adv. is used.

He can run very fast.
How fast can he run?
He comes here twice a week.
How often does he come here.

How +adv. +aux. verb+subj. +verb +ext?

To know the cost or price of anything,how is used.

The pen cost me 15 taka.
How much did the pen cost me?
Della sold her hair at 50 dollars.
How much did della sell her hair?
How much +aux. verb+subj. +verb +ext?
Besides we can use the bellow structure,
what is the price/cost of+ noun or noun phrase?   For example
What is the cost of the pen?
What is the price Della's hair?

In order toknow someone physically ,one can use the structure
How +to be +noun or pronoun? 

How are you?
How is your mother?

But for expressing greetings or to introduce with anyone ,then we can use
How do you do?

Read the bellow question:

He failed for his laziness.
Why did he fail?
They came home to chop wood.
Why did they come home?

To know the reason of any occurance ,why is used.the structure is
why+aux. verb+subj.+verb+ext?



Read the following sentence:

He came home yesterday.
When did he come home?
He will get up at 5p.m.
When will he get up?
They lived in the house
Where did he live?
It is from chittagong.
Where is it from?

To know the time of occuring a verb,when is used and to know the place of a verb,where is used.To make wh- question with when and where ,the bellow structures is used. 
When/where +aux.verb+subj+verb +ext?

Read the bellow sentences:

He went there by bus.
How did he go there?
He will succeed by working hard.
How will he succeed?

To know the process or in what way any verb happens, how is used.
Besides to know the kind or the quality of a person or anything the question starts with
How +adjective.The structure is
How +adjective +to be +subject? For example

He is very rich.
How rich is he?
The book is interesting.
How interesting the book is?



Read the bellow sentence

His name is Arif.
What is his name?
The news makes him laugh.
What makes him laugh?
He reads a book.
What does he read?
They will buy a car.
What will they buy?

If the subj. is an impersonal word or thing ,what is used there and the structure is
what +verb +ext?
If the object of a sentence is direct obj.or thing ,what can be used there using the following structure
what +aux.verb+subj. +verb +ext?
Besides what is used to know one's name,age,occupation,depth,height,length,width ,reason,appearance also.To know the reason of something, what is used in the following way,
what +aux.verb+subj. +verb +ext +for? For example,

He reads the book for pleasure
What does he read the book for?
He will go to buy a shirt.
What will he go for?

To know the feelings about sth,what can be used in the following way,
what + to be+sub +like?

The ground is spacious.
What is the ground like?
The poem is interesting.
What is the poem like?

To know the appearance of a person,
what +aux.verb+subj. +look like?

He looks like his fatther.
What does he look like?
It looks like a chain.
What does it look like?

To know someone occupation,
what +to be +subj?

He is a doctor.
What is he?

To know age,depth,height,width,lenth etc,
what +age/height,length,width,depth + to be + subj.? Or
what +to be +possessive adj. +age/height/.........?

He is 12.
What age is he?
What is his age?



Wh- questions are used to get any information.In speaking one can only provide the information what he is asked.But in order to write the must provide full information in one or more sentences.Interrogative pronoun :who,which,what,whom and Interrogative adverb:when,where,why,how and interrogative adjective:what,which,whose are use to make wh-question.

Read the bellow sentences:

Rana draw a picture     
Who draw a picture?
Asad can swim.
Who can swim?
Who is used for a person and replaced instead of a subjective word in any sentence. One should not use to do verb after who as an auxiliary verb.


Who +verb+ext.?

2.Read the bellow sentence:

I met Asad.
Whom did you meet?
He writes to karim.
Whom does he write to?
To whom does he write?
She lives with his parents.
Whom/who does she live with? or
With whom does she live?
The boy went to the manager.
Whom/who did the boy go to? or
To whom/who did the boy go?
The letter has written by Runa.
By whom has the letter been written ?

Whom is used for a person and replaced  for an objective word of a sentence.In this case,who can also be used.If there is any preposition before the indirect object,the prep. can be used before whom or it may be kept its own place.


Whom/Who +aux.verb +subj. +verb+ext?
Prep. +whom/who +aux.verb+subj. +verb +ext?
Whom/who +aux.verb +subj. +verb +ext +prep. ?

Here aux.verb means auxiliary verb.If there is no aux.verb in a sentence ,To do verb is used to make a

Read the following sentence:

Rana's mother is a widower.
Whose mother is a widower?
I Know Rina's mother.
Whose mother do you know?
When there is a possessive adj. used before a noun in the subj.of a sentence and if it refers to a person,whose is used there to make a wh- question.


Whose +noun+verb +ext?

Read the bellow sentence:
She knows Jamal's father.
Whose father does she know?

If there is a possessive adj.used before a noun in obj.of a sentence and refers to a person,whose is also used there .and then the following structure is used.
whose +noun +aux.verb+subj. +verb +ext.?