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Tuesday, September 13, 2011



Read the following sentence:

He came home yesterday.
When did he come home?
He will get up at 5p.m.
When will he get up?
They lived in the house
Where did he live?
It is from chittagong.
Where is it from?

To know the time of occuring a verb,when is used and to know the place of a verb,where is used.To make wh- question with when and where ,the bellow structures is used. 
When/where +aux.verb+subj+verb +ext?

Read the bellow sentences:

He went there by bus.
How did he go there?
He will succeed by working hard.
How will he succeed?

To know the process or in what way any verb happens, how is used.
Besides to know the kind or the quality of a person or anything the question starts with
How +adjective.The structure is
How +adjective +to be +subject? For example

He is very rich.
How rich is he?
The book is interesting.
How interesting the book is?

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