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Tuesday, September 13, 2011



Read the following sentence:
The subarna express will arrive at 5 p.m.
Which train will arrive at 5 p.m.
Ripe mangoes taste sweet.
Which mangoes taste sweet?

To know any animal or goods or thing,which is helps to separate or like anything.when which is used as a subj.then no personal word can be used as subj.The structure is
which +noun +verb +ext?

When which is used for an obj,a personal subj.must be present in that sentence and the structure is
which +noun +aux. verb+subj. +verb +ext? For example 

He will buy a grammer book.
Which book will he buy?
They like this blue pen.
Which pen do they like?

For indicating a person,who and which are used for same meaning.
He is talking to Rana.
Who is he talking to?
Which man is he talking to?

Sometimes what and which are used before a noun for the same meaning.
He reads in class ten.
Which/what class does he read?
You like folk song.
What/which song do you like?

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