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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Transformation of Sentence

To change one kind of sentence to another kind without changing the meaning is called transformation of sentence.i.e.

Affir:Dan is a very intelligent boy.
Int.Isn't Dan a very intelligent boy.
Neg.Dan isn't a very dull boy.
Excla.What an intelligent boy Dan is!
Compound.Dan is a boy and is vey intelligent.
Complex.Dan is a boy who is very intelligent.

With a view to interchanging one kind of sentence to another kind of sentence without changing the meaning depends on some rules.One must have learnt the rules,formation of phrase and clause,structure of tense etc.We are going to interchange sentences by turns.

Transformation are of various types.

1.Affirmative to negative
2.Negative to Affirmative
3.Affirmative to interrogative
4.Interrogative to Affirmative
5.Exclamatory to assertive
6.Assertive to exclamatory
7.Affirmative to optative
8.Optative to ass.
9.Ass. To imp.
10.Imp. To Ass.
11.Simple to compound
12.Compound to simp
13.Simple to complex
14.Complex to simple
15.Complex to compound
16.Compound to complex.
17.Degree change
18.Voice change
19.change of number,gender

In order to learn to change sentences without changing the meaning,we should learn the rules of the above kinds of transformation of sentences.