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Tuesday, September 13, 2011



Read the bellow sentence

His name is Arif.
What is his name?
The news makes him laugh.
What makes him laugh?
He reads a book.
What does he read?
They will buy a car.
What will they buy?

If the subj. is an impersonal word or thing ,what is used there and the structure is
what +verb +ext?
If the object of a sentence is direct obj.or thing ,what can be used there using the following structure
what +aux.verb+subj. +verb +ext?
Besides what is used to know one's name,age,occupation,depth,height,length,width ,reason,appearance also.To know the reason of something, what is used in the following way,
what +aux.verb+subj. +verb +ext +for? For example,

He reads the book for pleasure
What does he read the book for?
He will go to buy a shirt.
What will he go for?

To know the feelings about sth,what can be used in the following way,
what + to be+sub +like?

The ground is spacious.
What is the ground like?
The poem is interesting.
What is the poem like?

To know the appearance of a person,
what +aux.verb+subj. +look like?

He looks like his fatther.
What does he look like?
It looks like a chain.
What does it look like?

To know someone occupation,
what +to be +subj?

He is a doctor.
What is he?

To know age,depth,height,width,lenth etc,
what +age/height,length,width,depth + to be + subj.? Or
what +to be +possessive adj. +age/height/.........?

He is 12.
What age is he?
What is his age?

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