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Tuesday, September 13, 2011



Wh- questions are used to get any information.In speaking one can only provide the information what he is asked.But in order to write the must provide full information in one or more sentences.Interrogative pronoun :who,which,what,whom and Interrogative adverb:when,where,why,how and interrogative adjective:what,which,whose are use to make wh-question.

Read the bellow sentences:

Rana draw a picture     
Who draw a picture?
Asad can swim.
Who can swim?
Who is used for a person and replaced instead of a subjective word in any sentence. One should not use to do verb after who as an auxiliary verb.


Who +verb+ext.?

2.Read the bellow sentence:

I met Asad.
Whom did you meet?
He writes to karim.
Whom does he write to?
To whom does he write?
She lives with his parents.
Whom/who does she live with? or
With whom does she live?
The boy went to the manager.
Whom/who did the boy go to? or
To whom/who did the boy go?
The letter has written by Runa.
By whom has the letter been written ?

Whom is used for a person and replaced  for an objective word of a sentence.In this case,who can also be used.If there is any preposition before the indirect object,the prep. can be used before whom or it may be kept its own place.


Whom/Who +aux.verb +subj. +verb+ext?
Prep. +whom/who +aux.verb+subj. +verb +ext?
Whom/who +aux.verb +subj. +verb +ext +prep. ?

Here aux.verb means auxiliary verb.If there is no aux.verb in a sentence ,To do verb is used to make a

Read the following sentence:

Rana's mother is a widower.
Whose mother is a widower?
I Know Rina's mother.
Whose mother do you know?
When there is a possessive adj. used before a noun in the subj.of a sentence and if it refers to a person,whose is used there to make a wh- question.


Whose +noun+verb +ext?

Read the bellow sentence:
She knows Jamal's father.
Whose father does she know?

If there is a possessive adj.used before a noun in obj.of a sentence and refers to a person,whose is also used there .and then the following structure is used.
whose +noun +aux.verb+subj. +verb +ext.?

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