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Monday, February 27, 2012



1)The following words are always in singular;they have no plural form. i.e.
Furniture,Scenery,Information,Poetry,Machinery,Expenditure,Issue,Bread etc.

2)The following words are always in plural,they have no singular form .i.e.
Aristocracy,Gentry,Nobility,Peasantry,Cattle,Poultry,Majority,Tenantry,Perfumery, Artillery,Vermin,People, Public,Mankind,Clergy,Government etc.

3)Though the following words seems to be plural,they are always used in singular number .i.e.
Mathematics,Physics,Politics,Economics,News,Ethics,Optics,Innings,Wages,Gallows,Athletics etc.
4)Generally Fruit,Fish,brick,hair,Alphabet are used in singular number;but when they refer different meaning,they can be plural number.

5)The following words are always used in plural number i.e.
Alms,Amends,Mumps,Measles,Scissors,Trousers,Spectacles,Environs, Nuptials,Proceeds,Bowels,Tidings,Assets,Belongings,Savings,Earnings, Surroundings,Aborigines,Ashes,Entrails,Fetters,Vitals etc.But amends,mumps,measles,alms,tidings can be used in singular form also.

6)The following words are always similar in both singular number and plural number .i.e,
Deer,Sheep,Canon,Gross,Pice,Apparatus,Swine,Spices,Innings,Corps,Salmon etc.

7)If there is the following numeral words used before a noun,the noun will not be plural.i.e.
Dozen,Brace,Fathom,Yoke,Score,Pair,Hundred,Thousand,Head etc.

8)If the following numeral words are used before a noun and the numerals indicate double or triple,the noun word will be plural i.e.
Some,Several,A few, lots of ,Many etc.

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