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Friday, November 23, 2012

How to write application on public affairs.

with a view to learning to write application for joint purpose/public affairs,one may try in the following way,

Dear sir ,
I,on behalf of the students of your institution,beg to state that ours' a famous institute.But it's a matter of regret that ................................ So,we are in need of ....................(write from the subj.)

May I/we ,therefore,pray and hope that you will kindly grant the prayer.

Yours' obediently,
your name
on behalf of the students of your institute.
The student of your institute.

Suppose in order to write an application to the H.M./principle for a canteen/computer club ,one can write:-

The H.M./Principal

subject:prayer for a canteen/to set up a canteen/for setting up a canteen.

Dear sir .

I,onbehalf of the students of your school/college or
we,the student of your school/college,
beg to state that our's a famous school/college in our locality.It is a matter of great regret that there is no canteen here.As a result we suffer much for want of a canteen.So.we are in need of setting up a canteen.
May I/we, therefore ,pray and hope that you will kindly grant the prayer and oblige thereby.

Yours' obediently,
on behalf of the students of your school/college.
The students of your school/college.

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