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Friday, November 23, 2012

The Headword

The main word of a phrase modified by other words is the honest man in this phrase man is a headword.usually it lies in noun phrase,noun clause,verb phrase,adj.phrase,adv.phrase.

How to recognize headword:
1.noun phrase as headword:the noun used in the noun phrase is a can be used as subj.and obj.

a.noun phrase as headword as subject:an honest boy can succeed.Here boy a headword.

b.noun phrase as headword as object:we honour a learned man.

Sometimes1.noun infinitive phrase may be the tell a lie is a sin.2.compound headword:if there are more word liked by and,or,but,it is compound subject.It is the headword also.3.noun clause as headword:a noun clause used as a subject in a sentence is a headword.i.e.That he is honest is true 

c.verb phrase as headword:there are av and p.v in a verb phrase and the p.v. of a verb phrase is the headword..i.e.He has been playing is the headword.

d.adj.phrase as headword:he is quite hopeful of his success.Here hopeful is a headword.

e.adv.phrase as headword:Ice was all around them.Here around is a headword.

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  1. A request for help in improving the availability of transport within the remote Makete District of south western Tanzania presented the opportunity to try a new approach.

    Could you please assist me to figure out the headword of the sentence? I am facing problems on finding out the headword of complex sentences. Please help me