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Friday, November 23, 2012


d.Noun -adjective as premodifier:when a noun with an adjective is used before a noun .i.e.a small tea pot,a nice fob chain,a busy bus station

e.compounds as premodifier:it is a group of words using as a single adj. Or noun.i.e.a hard working man,a back-dated idea,a first-class compartment.etc.

f.possessive as a modifier: possessive adj. my,our,his,her,their,your are also used as a premodifier.i.e.his cousin,her brother,Ra-him's father etc.

g.Adverb as premodifier:then headmaster,above passage,dawn train etc.


The modifier which is used after a noun or noun phrase is a post modifier.there are different type of post modifier

a.infinitive phrase as post modifier:to verb. *noun is used after another noun.i.e.a trial to save life,decision to study medicine etc.

b.participle as post modifier;present and past participle are used post modifier.i.e.the man lying on the floor,the book published in 1993 etc.

c.prep.phrase as post modifier:the in torn cloth,the fish on the fan etc.

d.Appositive as a post modifier:when two noun remaining closely indicate the same person or thing ,then the letter one is the Appositive or case in apposition.i.e.Mr.Ahmed,headmaster of this school.

e.adjective as post modifier:sometimes adj. Is used after a noun or pronoun(everyone,some ,any ,each) as a post modifier.i.e.members present in the meeting,something abnormal in his behavior etc.

f.Relative clause as post modifier:the man who came here,the pen which is black etc.

g.adverb as post modifier:any adverb used after a noun.i.e.the question bellow,the man there etc.

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