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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Interrogative sentence

Read the bellow sentence:

Direct:    He said to her,who are you?
Indirect:  He asked her who she was.
Direct:    They said to me whom do you want?
Indirect:  They asked me whom I wanted.
Direct:    You said to him ..what is your father?
Indirect:  You asked him what his father was.
Direct:    I said to them ,how did you go there?
Indirect:  I asked them how they had gone there.
Direct:    She said to me,why are you making late,?
Indirect: She asked me why I was making.
Direct:    He said to us,when were you going?
Indirect: He asked us when we had been going.
Direct:   You said to her,where have you gone?
Indirect: You asked her where she had gone. 


Direct:    subj.+say/say to +obj. ,"Wh-word +aux.verb +subj.+verb+obj.+ext?"

Indirect: subj.+ask+obj+wh-word+changing person of subj.  of reported speech +changing tense of (aux.verb+verb)/verb of reported speech+changing person of obj. of reported speech+ext.

Here wh- word  (who,whom,where,when,why,how,what) will be the conjunction and the question should be turned into an assertive sentence.person ,tense and adverb will be changed according to  person,tense and adverb changing rules.

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