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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Transformation of Sentence

Affirmative to Negative 

With a view to changing sentence  from affirmative to negative without changing the meaning,we have to learn some rules.These rules are mandatory to learn and practice .Without learning them properly we can't be able to change any affirmative sentence to negative sentence easily.Now we are going to learn and use them.

Read the bellow sentence:-

Affirmative:- Only Allah can help us.
Negative:-    None but Allah can help us.
Affirmative:- He was alone alive in the house.
Negative:-     None but he was alive in the house.

Here only is used before a person,but alone is used after the person word and auxiliary verb.For changing an affirmative sentence into a negative sentence where only is before a person or alone is after the person and auxiliary verb,we have to start the negative sentence with none but for only/alone.

Affirmative:- Only+subject+verb+ext.
Negative:-     None but +subject+verb+ext.
Affirmative:- subject+auxiliary verb+alone+ext.
Negative:-    None but+subject+auxiliary verb+ext.

It will be applied when the subjective word is a person word i.e he/she/I/you/they/we/any proper noun.

Read the bellow sentence:-

Affirmative:- Only the monsoon causes rain in our country.
Negative:-    Nothing but the monsoon causes rain in our country.
Affirmative:- I have only a few toys.
Negative:-    I have nothing but a few toys.

when only is used before an object/thing,nothing but will be put there to make a negative sentence from an affirmative sentence .


Affirmative:- Only +subject+verb+ext.
Negative:- Nothing but+subject+verb+ext.
Affirmative:- subject+verb+only+object+ext.
Negative:- subject+verb+nothing but+object+ext.

nothing but is used in negative sentence for only when there is an object/thing after only in  affirmative sentence.

Read the following sentence:-

Affirmative:- I am only 20.
Negative:-    I am not more/less than 20.


Affirmative:- subject+verb+only+number/age+ext.
Negative:-   subject+verb+not more / less than+number/age +ext.

when only is used before number/ age ,not more / less than will be used  in negative sentence for only in affirmative sentence. 


  1. very nice blog on english grammar learning.Thanks a lot.

  2. very nice blog on english grammar learning.Thanks a lot.