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Sunday, August 21, 2011



Read the following sentences.

I've the kite myself.
He isn't reading now.
They can't swim in the sea.

From the above sentences,we can  see short form A.V/ and not with A.V.

There are two kinds of contractions.

1.Contraction of A.V.(auxiliary verb)

2,Contraction of not with A.V. 

Contraction of A.V.

subj.+'s=(he is/she is/karim is/it is/he has/she has/it has/Rana has/I was/he was/she was/john was/it was)
If there  is seen sub. +'s +obj/adj/noun/verb-ing,then 's means is/was.
But if there is sub. +'s+verb-p.p/noun,then 's means has.
sub.+'m=I am.
sub.+'ve=I have/you have/they have/we have/Rahim and Karim have.
sub. +'re=we are/were/they are/were/you are/were.
sub.+'ll=I shall/we shall/he will/ you will/she will/they will.
If sub.+'d+verb-p.p.,'d means had andsub.+'d+verb,'d means would.

Contraction of not with A.V.

am not=amn't.  is not=isn't. are not=aren't. was not=wasn't.were not=weren't.
has not=hasn't. have not=haven't. had not=hadn't.
do not=don't. does not=doesn't.did not=didn't.
will not=won't. shall not=shan't.can not=can't. may not=mayn't. must not=mustn't.
could not=couldn't.would not =wouldn't.should not =shouldn't. might not =mightn't.ought not =oughtn't,need not =needn't. dare not =daren't.

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