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Monday, August 22, 2011


Learning tag question.

Read the following sentences.

We are honest,aren't we?
I am a boy, aren't I?
He is clever,isn't he?

Try to make the structure from the above sentences.

Sub. +A.V. +..................,'t +sub./pronoun?

Make tag question from the bellow sentences.

Rana is running.
Santa was shouting.
The boys were playing.
I am making a tin.
You are crying.
He has a car.
We have taken tea.
Mother had bought a gift for me.
We shall help the poor.
The rich will buy a car.
Bangladesh may develop soon.
It might rain today.
We would go there.
You should do your duty.
He can swim.
She could speak english like the english.
Mother may help you.
We ought to read attentively.

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  1. very nice blog on english grammar learning .Thanks a lot.