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Monday, August 22, 2011


Add tag quertion to the following sentences:

A barking dog seldom bites. Do not tell a lie.Everymother loves her child. We should love our country.Nobody likes a liar.It will suitable for you.I am honest.I amnot ill.Rana is clever.He isnot are working hard. You are not poor.Rani has a nice dress.Nakib has no umbrella.The boys have made a noise.The girls haven't done this.

All of us should go.Either of you can go.Neither of them might be present.He reads a book. You donot go there.We play cricket.Kamal doesnot sing a song.We got into the train.she made a shout.Nirmal swam in the sea.

Sit down.Keep quiet.Do not read aloud.Always try to be honest.Never go there.Let her go.Let them play.Let me sleep.Let us walk.Let us sing.How naughty you are!What a fine dress he puts on!What a pity!How odd!How funny!

None was present.Nothing can daunt you.Nobody misbehaved with them.Neither of the boys help her.All should hate a liar.Everybody dislikes him.Each girl will get a gift.Anyone doesnot help you.I know none.He has few friends.They visit us hardly.That he is honest is kown to all.Althat glitters is not gold.

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  1. very nice blog on english grammar learning .Thanks a lot.