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Thursday, August 25, 2011



Read the following group of words.
Goes the school to boy.
I song a sing.
He draws a picture.

From the above group of words the first two doesn't express a complete sense but the 3rd one does so.

If a group of words having an organized arrangement express a complete sense, it is called a sentence.
According to meaning there are five kinds of sentences.They are

1. Assertive

If a sentence narrates sth it is called an assertive sentence.
The structure are following
1. subj. +(a.v.+v)/verb +ext.
2.sub .+a.v. +not/no +ext.
For example
She goes home.They play football.
You are not honest. We have no car.

If a sentence is used to know sth ,it is called a question or an interrogative sentence. There are four types of questions.

a.if a question starts with an a.v .and the answer may be yes/no ,it is called an a.v/yes-no question.i.e.
Are you well?Have you done it?

2.if a question starts with a wh-word for any information,it is called a wh-question.i.e
who are you? What does he do?

3.if there is a short at the end of any sentence,it is called a tag question.i.e.He is honest,isn't he?

4.if an assertive sentence ends with a sign of interrogation for any surprise,it is called surprising/wondering question.i.e.He makes a noise?

The structures are following:
1.A.V. +subj. +ext?
2.wh-word +a.v.+ Ext?
3.subj. +a.v./verb +ext,'t/a.v +subj.?
4.subj. Verb.+ext.?
3.if a sentence express any order/advice/ is called an imperative sentence.i.e.
Do it.Do not do it.Let us do it.Let him do it.

The structures are following.
b.Do not +verb+ext.
c.Let us +verb +ext.
d.Let +him/her/it/them/noun+ verb+ext.
4.if a sentence any wish/prayer,it is called an optative sentence.i.e.May you be happy.Long live our country.

The structure are following:
May +subj.+verb+ext.

5.if a sentence expresses any wonder/surprise,it is called an exclamatory sentence.i.e.How tall he is!if I were rich!

The structures are following:
a.How/what +a/an+adj.+subj.+a.v/verb!
b.If +subj.+verb.(past)+ext!

Every sentence is of two kinds.
1.if a sentence expres any positive idea,it is called an affirmative sentence.
2.if a sentence expres any negative ,it is a negative sentence.

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