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Thursday, August 25, 2011



According to structure,there are three types of sentence.

1.simple sentence:if a sentence has a sub. and a finite verb,it is called a simple sentence.i.e.He reads a book.

2.Compound sentence:if two or more principle clause are linked with any co-ordinating conjunction,it is called a compound sentence.i.e.He came here and met me.

3.Complex sentence:if any sentence has a principle clause and a or many subordinate clause linked with a subordinate conjunction,it is called a complex sentence.i.e.He came here sothat he could meet me.


Every sentence has two parts.
1.subject.:the word that does the function of a verb.
2.predicate:the rest of words.

Read the bellow sentences.

Sakila sings a song.
Haider went home yesterday.

From the above sentences,Sakila and Haider are subject.
Sings a song and went home yesterday are the predicate.

The subj.part contains subject and adjunct to the subject.
The predicate part contains verb,object and ext.

Subj.may be noun.pronoun ..adjective,verb. gerund.. phrase and clause.
Adjunct to the subject may be adj.adv.phrase,clause,participle, infinitive etc
verb may be auxiliary verb and main verb.
Object is as like as subject.
Ext. May be adj.adv etc.

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