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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Parts of speech

Every word of a sentence is called a part of speech.

It is of 8 kinds.

1.Noun:any naming word of a sentence is a noun.i.e.John,Reba,ink,girl,cow,sea,rice etc.

2.Pronoun:the word which is used instead of a noun is called a pronoun.i.e.I.WE ,YOU etc

3.Verb:the word means to do,go,doetc.

4.Adjective:the word which express the quality,quantity,number or qualify any noun or pronoun ,is called an adjective.i.e.good,bad,one etc.

5.Adverb;the word which express other words of a sentence without noun or pronoun is an adverb.i.e.well,yesterday etc.

6.Preposition: the word sitting before a noun/pronoun connect it with other word of the sentence is a preposition.i.e. To,from etc.

7.Conjunction:the word which join two or more word,phrase and clause.i.e. And,therefore,but etc.

8.Interjection: the word expressing mental thought is an interjection.i.e.oh!hurrah!etc

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