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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Uses of capital letters.

  1. Every first letter of the first word of every sentence must be written in capital .i.e. He goes home.Everybody hates a liar.
  2. The firrst letter of the first word of evry sentence of a poem must be  capital.i.e.The music in my heart I bore Long after it was heard no more.
  3. The first letter of every proper noun and proper adjective will be capital.i.e He knows Aslam.They like Chinese dishes.
  4. pronoun I and interjection O will always be in capital.i.e/If they want, I 'll help them.Bless me, O' God.
  5. God/Allah and its pronoun will strt with a prayed to Allah and He blessed me.
  6. Tittle and abbreviation will always be written in capital Dr.
  7. The salutation of a letter will start with a capital Sir,My dear mother.
  8. Evevy first letter of a sentence in quotation will be said,"I am honest."

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  1. very nice blog on english grammar learning .Thanks a lot.