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Monday, August 22, 2011



Read the bellow sentences.

I don't play cricket,do I?
We shan't go there,shall we?
He won't come,will he?
He isn't honest,is he?

Make a structure from the above sentences.
Sub. +A.V.n't +..............,A.V. +sub/pron.?

I amn't doing this.
I shan't read aloud.
He isn't sleeping now.
He has no car.
They have no shelter.
The boy hadn't shouted.
You don't know me.
She doesn't go.
We didn't run in the sun.
The cattle aren't grazing in the field.
They weren't honest.
The girl wasn't present.
You won't go.
She can't tell a lie.
We couldn't sing.
He wouldn't play.
You shouldn't hate the poor.
It mayn't rain today.
We must speak the truth.
The child mightn't walk.
We oughtn't to love them.
You needn't go there.
He daren't tell this.

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