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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Changing Narration of Any Passage:-

Change  of passage narration depends on some rules.First, we have to know the rules changing narration of different kinds of sentence.Then we have to know some other things.

With a view to changing narration of any passage,we should find out the bellow things:-

1)which words are the subject and object of reporting verbs
2)what kinds of sentence the reported speeches are
3)what the reporting verbs are
4)what the tense form of reporting verb and verb of reported speech
5)what person words there are in reported speech
6)which adverbs there are in reported speech

After finding out the above things,we have to do the following things:-

1)we have to use reporting verb according to the type of sentence in reported speech i.e.for assertive ,it will be say or tell; for interrogative,it will be ask;for imperative it will be order/advise/request/forbid/command//suggest/propose to/ask/tell;for optative ,it will be wish/pray;for exclamatory,it will be cry out / exclaim .Besides,thank,bid,wish,add ,again say,also say,further ask are also used for different reported speech.

2)we have to use conjunction/preposition deleting comma and inverted comma i.e.for assertive/optative/exclamatory/imperatives with let,that is used as conjunction;for wh-question,wh-word will be used;for yes/no question ,if will be used;for imperative with verb, to and for imperative with do not verb ,not to will be used.

3)we have to change different person word s of reported speech according to person changing rules i.e.first person words will be changed according to the subject of reporting verb;second person words will be changed according to the object of reporting verb and third person words will remain unchanged.

4)we have to change the tense of verb of reported speech according to the tense changing rules  i.e.when reporting verb is in present or future tense or reported speeches are  universal truth /habitual fact of present tense,the tense of reported speech will remain unchanged.But  for reporting verb of past tense,the tense of reported speech will be the same past tense as its previous tense form in direct speech.

5)we have to change adverbs of reported speech according to rules

If we are able to find out the above things properly and change them accordingly,we can easily change the narration of a passage perfectly.

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