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Monday, September 26, 2011



passage narration

Read the bellow speech:

Direct: The old man said,"Can you give me some food?I've been starving for a week."The maid said,"Why do you beg?Can't you work? " "No,I am unable to work."

Indirect: The old man asked the maid if she could give him some food.He added that he had been starving for a week.The maid asked him why he begged.She again asked if he could not work.The old man replied in the negative and said that he was unable to work.

Direct:- "When will your test exam commence?"said Mina."On 10 November next."said John."Your test exam is knocking at the door.You don't have enough time."added Mina."You are right.Thank you.I am trying to take a good preparation for this with profound attention."John replied.
Indirect:- Mina asked John when his test exam would commence.He replied that it would commence on 10 November.She again said that his test examination was knocking at the door.She added that he didn't have enough time.John replied that she was right.He thanked her added that he was trying to take a good preparation for that with a propound attention.

Change the following narration:-

Direct:-The teacher said,"Why are you making a noise?You should behave yourself."Kamal said ,"I am sorry, sir.My pen has run out.So,I am asking Denny to lend me his pen."The teacher said,"Be attentive to my lecture."
Direct:-Once I asked a sweet little girl,What is your mother's name?She said,I know my mother's name.But I won't you tell that.What a clever girl you are!Inever tell my mother's name to anybody whom I don't know.

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