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Monday, September 26, 2011



Passage narration

Read the bellow sentence:

Direct:- "You can go now. You may come again day after tomorrow.I shall let you do the job then,"he said to the boy."Thank you ,sir."said the boy.

Indirect:- He told the boy that he could go then and added that he might come again day after the next day.He further again also added that he would let him do the job then.The boy thanked him respectfully.

Direct:- "Why are you wasting away your time?Won't you appear in the final examination."said his father."I am sorry.I would amend myself."replied Ran.

Indirect:- His father asked Ran why he was wasting away his time.He further again also asked if he would not appear in the final examination.Ran replied that he was sorry and added that he would amend himself.

In order to change passage narration,we should find out the subject to the reporting verb(speaker) and object to the reporting verb(listener or the person spoken to).Then we should detect what kind of sentence the reported speeches are.We also detect the tense for reporting verb and verb of reported speech.
If there are too many assertive sentence used as reported speech for the same speaker,say or tell, add,
further add,again say,also say are used as reporting by turns alternately.Other changes using conjunction,changing person and
tense and adverb of reported speech will be according to the rules of sentence normal narration.

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