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Saturday, September 24, 2011



Read the following sentence: 

Direct:       "By Allah,"He said,"I will help." 
Indirect:     Swearing by Allah he said that he would help.

If there is' by Allah /God/ Jove/ My life' in reported speech,the indirect speech will be started with swearing by Allah/God/Jove/ my life.

Read the bellow sentence:

Direct:   Returning home,My father said to me ,"Why did I make too late."
Indirect: Returning home,my father asked me why I had made too late.

If there is any phrase outside the reported speech which is used as an ewtra part of reporting verb,in indirect speech the phrase or extra part of reporting verb outside the rep.speech will be used first.

Read the bellow sentence:

Direct:   She said to me,You have remembered how she looked then?
Indirect: Being surprise,she asked me if I had remembered how she had looked then.

If there is a question mark at the end of an assertive sentence,the indirect speech will be started with being surprise and the reported speech will be changed accoqding to the interrogative sentence changing rule.

If there are asked.replied,muttered,cried,shouted as reporting verb before any reported speech,these will be unchanged in indirect speech.

If there are a pronoun atfirst and a noun afterword, in indirect speech the noun will be at first and the pronoun will be afterword.

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