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Saturday, September 17, 2011



In order to convert a direct speech into an indirect speech ,we firstly find out what kind of sentence the reported speech is.Then  we have to find out the bellow things:

a.person of the subject and object of reporting verb
b.person of the subject and object of the reported speech
c.tense  both reporting verb and verb of reported speech
d.some  adverb.

We can find out easily what kind of sentence the reported speech is if we remember the bellow structure:

a.if there is seen subj.+verb+ext. In the reported speech,it is an assertive sentence.
b.if there is a question mark (?)  at the end of the reported speech,it is an interrogative sentence.
c.if the reported speech starts with a verb or there is seen verb+ext or do not +verb +ext or let +noun/pron.+verb+ext. It is an imperative sentence
d.if there is seen may +subj.+verb +adj. Or adj. +verb +noun orpronoun,it is an optative sentence
e.if there is seen a sign of exclamation (!)  at the end of the reported speech ,it is an exclamatory sentence. 

Read the bellow sentence:

He said , "I am reading."
Here the reported speech " I am reading"  is an assertive sentence.
He said to me ,"How are you?"
Here the reported speech " How are you?"  is an interrogative sentence.
He said to me,"Do not cry."
Here the reported speech "Do not cry." is an imperative sentence.
He said to me,"May you live long."
Here the reported speech "May you live long." is an optative sentence.
He said,"How nice he sings!"
Here the reported speech "How nice he sings!" is an exclamatory sentence.

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