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Friday, September 23, 2011



Imperative sentence

Read the bellow sentence:

Direct:      He said to me,"Sir,lend me your pen."
Indirect:    He requested /told me respectfully(with respect( to lend him my pen.
Direct:      They said to you,"Sir,hetp me understand the matter."
Indirect:    They requested you respectfully to help them to understand the matter.

Here sir will be replaced by respectfull/with respect and will be put after rep.verb. Other changes will be according to the changing rules of imperative sentence.

Optative sentence

Read the bellow the sentence:

Direct:     He said to me,"May you be happy."
Indirect:   He wished me that I might be happy.
Direct:     She said to him ,"May Allah help you."
Indirect:   She prayed that Allah might help him.


Direct:      subj. +reporting verb (say) +obj. "May +subj. +verb +ext."

Indirect:    subj. +wish/pray +that +changing person of subj. +might +verb +ext.

Exclamatory sentence

Read the bellow sentence:

Direct:      He said to me,"How nice you sing!"
Indirect:    He exclaimed /cried out that I sang very nice.
Direct:      She said to him,"What a clever boy you are!"
Indirect:    She exclaimed that he was a very clever boy.


Direct:       subj.+reporting verb (say )+obj,"What/How +adj. +ext .+subj. +verb!"

Indirect:   subj. +exclaim/cry out +that +changing person of subj.+changing tense of verb+very +adj. +ext.

Here a /an will be used before very for what.

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