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Saturday, October 1, 2011


Conversion of Sentence

According to meaning there are five kinds of sentence.They assertive,interrogetive,imperative,optative and exclamatory.Every kinds of sentence are of two kinds. They are affirmative and negative.To interchange one kind of sentence to another kind without changing the meaning is called conversion. Conversions of sentence are to do in the following way:-

1.Affimative-negative and negative-affirmative
2.Interrogative-affirmative and affirmative-interrogative
3.Negative-interrogative and interrogative-negative
4.Affirmative-negative interrogative and negative interrogative-affirmative
5.Assertive-imperative and imperative-assertive
6.Assertive -optative and optative-assertive
7 .Assertive-exclamatory and exclamatory-assertive

Affirmative to Negative

With a veiw to changing sentences from affirmative to negative without changing the meaning or to convert sentences from affirmative to negative we can go forward in the following way.
a.if there is any auxiliary verb (to be,to have,modals)in the sentence,we can add not/n't  after the auxiliary verb to convert  any affirmative to negative.i.e

Affirmative:- I can swim
Negative:-    I can't /cannot swim.
Affirmative:-He is honest
Negative:-  He isn't/is not honest.


Affirmative:- subject+auxiliary verb +ext.
Negative:-    subject+auxiliary verb +n't/not+ext.

Again we can convert a negative sentence into an affirmative sentence by deleting not/n't after the auxiliary verb

b.if there is no aux.verb in the sentence,we have to add to do +n't/not after the subject to convert  sentences from affirmative to negative.i.e.

Affirmative:-He reads a book
Negative:-  He doesn't/not read a book.
Affirmative:-They make a noise
Negative:-  They do n't/not make a noise.
Affirmative:-We sang a song
Negative:-  We did n't/not sing a song.


Negative:-  subject+to do +n't/not +main verb +ext

When todo verb is used as an aux.verb,the basic form of verb will be used after that.

In order to convert a negative sentence with not/n't after to do as an auxiliary verb to an affirmative sentence,we have to delete to do+not and use the main verb according to the tense of to do.


  1. very nice blog on english grammar learning.Thanks a lot.

  2. very nice blog on english grammar learning.Thanks a lot.

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