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Friday, December 30, 2011


Transformation of Sentence

Learning to change complex sentence to compound sentence

With a view to learning to change complex sentence  into compound sentence,one needs to make both  the clauses of complex sentence into different clauses linking by coordinating conjunction.If the subject of both the clauses  is a same person and number word,it will be used at first clause and it should  not be used after the coordinating conjunction.

Read the bellow sentences:-

Complex:Since the weather was rough,I could not go there.
Compound:The weather was rough and I could not go there
Complex:As I was ill yesterday,I could not attend the function.
Compound: I was ill yesterday and could not attend the function.
Complex:When they reached home, they found him absent.
Compound:They reached home and  found him absent.
Complex:Since the old man was not well,he could not do it.
Compound:The old man was not well and could not do it.
Complex:As we are human being,we cannot do harm to others.
Compound:We are human being and cannot do harm to others.


Compound:subject+verb+ext. and subject+verb+ext.


If there are since/as/because clauses in complex sentence.these conjunctions will be deleted and the clauses will be joined by "and " in compound sentence.