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Friday, January 6, 2012

Complex.Compound/ (Transformation of Sentence)

With a view to learning to change complex sentence into compound sentence,there are some procedure to follow.If one knows clause,can interchange them,use tense of verb perfectly,one can easily be able to change a complex sentence into a compound sentence.In this lesson ,we are going to learn and practice  some other complex sentences and their changing .

Read the following sentences:-

Complex :We read so that we can pass in the exam.
Compound :We read and can pass in the exam.

Complex ;All takes food so that all can live.
Compound :All takes food and can live.

Complex :You worked hard so that you could shine in life.
Compound :You worked hard  and could shine in life.


Complex: subject+verb+so that+subject+can/could+verb+ext.
Compound :subject+verb+subject+can/could+verb+ext.


If a complex sentence is found having connected with" so that ",in order to change it into a compound sentence we need to delete so that from it and link both the clauses with " and".If both the subjective words are the same words,then the subject after "and" won't be used.