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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Compound.complex(Transformation of Sentence)

With a view to learning to change a complex sentence into a compound sentence,we should have to find out the  principle clause and the subordinate clause from it and then we have to make /turn them in a compound sentence using an appropriate conjunction.In this lesson we are going to change a complex sentence where a relative pronoun (who/which/whom/that) has been used into a compound sentence.

Read the following sentences:-

Complex:-I know the boy who came here.
Compound:-I know the boy and he came here.

Complex:-This is the lady whom you met.
Compound:-This is the lady and  you met her.

Complex:-This is the book which you lost.
Compound:-This is the book and you lost it.

Complex:-The machine that you imported are working well.
Compound:- you imported the machine and they  are working well.


Complex:-subject+verb+noun/pronoun +relative pronoun+verb+ext.
Compound:-subject+verb+noun/pronoun +and+pronoun of the antecedent of the relative pronoun+verb+ext.


If there is a relative pronoun in the complex sentence,it will be deleted in compound sentence by "and".After "and" a pronoun of the antecedent will be used.Here the noun or pronoun before the relative pronoun is called antecedent.