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Monday, November 28, 2011


Degrees of Conversion

How to use different degrees

7)In affirmative sentence,to compare between two equal person/thing/animal  is used but  in negative sentence so/ is used in that case.i.e.

He is as tall as his brother.
She is not so/as beautiful as her cousin.

8)To compare between two or more persons/things/animals which are not equal a comparative degree with er is used and than is also used after it.i.e.

Potatoes are cheaper than tomatoes.

9)To show increase/decrease gradually,double comparatives linked with and are used.i.e.

The sooner,the better.
The more he gets ,the more he wants.

10)very is used before positive degree and much is used before comparative degree.i.e.

I am very glad to meet you.
The sum is much easier.

11)Again very is used before present participle(verb-ing) and much is used before past participle(verb-d/ed/t).i.e.

The journey is very interesting.
He became much annoyed.

In order to interchange different degrees of change,we have to remember the above rules .If we know them ,we can use degrees of change easily and perfectly.