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Monday, November 28, 2011


Degrees of Comparison

How to Interchange Different Degrees

With a view to interchanging different degrees from one  to another depends on some rules.These rules are so essential that without learning and practice  them properly we can turn one kind degree into another kind.These kind of degrees of change are of three kinds.They are

1)superlative to positive
2)superlative to comparative
3)comparative to positive
4)comparative to superlative
5)positive to superlative
6)positive to comparative

Now we are going to learn and practice the rules of degrees of change by turn.

Superlative to Positive

Read the following sentence:-

She is the best house wife I have ever seen.
No other house wife I have ever seen  is so good as she.
He is the wisest man in the village.
No other man in the village is so wise as he


Subject+verb+the+superlative degree+noun+ext.
No other +noun+ext.+verb+so+positive degree+as+subject.

If there is of any/of all after the superlative degree,in positive degree we have to delete of any/of all.i.e.

It burns the prettiest of any wood.
No other wood burns so pretty as it.
Mutton chop was the cheapest of all dishes on the menu.
No other dish on the menu was so cheap as mutton chop.

After no other in the sentence of a positive degree,a singular number noun/noun phrase is used.So after no word +noun/noun phrase,the verb will be singular.

Read the following sentence

He is one of the best boys in the class.
Very few boys in the class are so good as he.
Iron is one of the most useful  metals.
Very few metals are so useful as iron.


Subject+verb+one of the+superlative degree+noun+ext.
Very few+noun+ext.+verb+so+positive degree+as +subject.
After very few in positive degree a plural noun/noun phrase is used ,as the noun/noun phrase after one of the+superlative degree is plural.So the verb after the noun/noun phrase of very few will be plural.


  1. nice blog on english grammar learning.Thanks a lot.

  2. nice blog on english grammar learning.Thanks a lot.

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