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Monday, November 28, 2011


Degrees of Comparison

How to use degrees of change

1)when a comparative degree is used  for the comparison of two or more thing/person/animal of a same class,than any /all other will be used after the comparative degree.i.e.

Nazrul is greater than any other poet.
Nazrul is greater than all other poets.

a singular number noun is used after than any other but a plural noun is used after than all other.

2)when a comparative degree is used for the comparison of different qualities of a person/thing,more will be put before the positive degree but er will not added after positive degree.i.e.

He is more brave than strong.

3)the following comparative degrees are always used in positive degree i.e.

He is the former manager of this bank.

4)In order to select/identify one from two things/persons/animals,the will be used before comparative degree.i.e 

He is the taller of the two boys..

5)while comparison between two nouns,if the possessive case of first noun is used,the possessive case of second noun will also be used .In that case than that/those of can be used without  writing the second noun.i.e

John's hair is blacker than Jamal's.
or John's hair is blacker than that/those of Jamal.

6)If there are too many adjective in the same sentence,degree of comparison will be used for all of them.i.e.

Jawed  is the wisest and most intelligent boy in the team.