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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Agreement of verbs with subject.

11.These nouns(spectacles,scissors,tidings, wages,thanks,ashes,assets,alms,aborigines,amends,auspices,billiards,bowels,pliers,shears,vitals,proceeds,annals,nuptials,bellows,environs,eves,entrails,measles,mumps,nuptials,odds,trousers,shorts,pants,jaws,glasses) are always plural and so the verb after these words must be plural.i.e.

The scissors are blunt.
His spectacles are broken.

But if there is any definite numeral adjective (brace,gross,dozen,pair,hundred.thousand,score,fathom,head)before them,the verb will be singular.i.e.

One dozen of bananas is sufficient.
A pair of shoes is on the table.

12.Though the name of a book or a country seems to be plural,they are singular and the verb after them will be singular.i.e.

Gulliver's travels is a famous book.
The United States of America is a rich country.

13.There is no plural form of adjectives.If there is the before an adjective ,it will be a plural common noun and the verb will be plural.i.e.

The poor are happy.
The rich are not honest.

14.if any gerund,clause,infinitive,phrase,verbal noun is the subject of a sentence,the verb will be singular.i.e.

To walk/walking is a good exercise.

15.the verb after a relative pronoun will be according to the antecedent of that relative pronoun.i.e.

It is I who have passed.

16.if the subject and the complement of a sentence are in different number,the verb will be according to the subject.i.e.

The Muslims are pious.

17.After one of the *noun,the verb will be singular.i.e.

One of the boys is present.

18.if a sentence starts with there and when the object is singular,the verb will be singular.but when the object is plural,the verb will be plural.i.e.

There is a boy under the tree.
There are two boys under the tree.

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