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Sunday, November 25, 2012


The word which is used to make a noun definite,indefinite or to indicate quantity or number is a determiner.According to use,determiners are of 7 kinds.

1.Before a singular countable noun:a,all,any,a certain,each,either.neither,every,the first/last/second,half,least,many a,my,our,your,his,her,their,next,no,one,the only,another,other,the same.some,such a..that, the,this,the very,what,which,whose,zero etc.

2.Before a plural countable noun:all,any,both,certain,enough,few,a few,fewer,fewest.the first/second/last,half,a lot of,lots of,many,a good/great many,more ,most,my,his ,her ,their,our, your,the next,no,a great number of,only,the only,other,the other,plenty of.the same,several,some,such,the,those,these,the very,what,which,whose,zero

3.Before an uncountable noun:all.a great amount of,any,a good/great deal of,enough,half,least,less,little,a lot of,lots of,more,most,much,my,our,your,his,her,their, no,the only,other,the other,plenty of,the same,some,such,that,the,these,the very,what,which,whose,zero indicates any previous singular countable noun:I want a pen.Take any one you like.

5.ones indicate any previous plural countable noun:I want some books Take any ones. a pronoun:I have not any a predetermine:I have not read any of the poems yet.
one can not place any determiner before a proper noun.

The most common used determiners are,the



d.Cardinal numbers:one, two,three etc.

e.Ordinal numbers:first,second,third

f.General ordinals:next,last,other,the other,another,further

g.Quantifiers:some,any,many,no,every,either,neither,each,enough,much,a lot of,little,more,most,less,least,few,several,a great number,plenty of,a good deal of,a great number of, lots of,a good/great many.

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