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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Agreement of verbs with subjects

7.collective noun is in singular number,so the verb is also in sing. Number.i.e.

The family has been living here.

8.if the subjective word refers to the same length,amount or place and seems tobe plural number,the verb must be in singular number.i.e.

Ten miles is a long distance.
Five mounds is a heavy weight.

But if the subjective words refers to number,the verb must be plural number.i.e.

Two third of the students were present.

9.These noun words(aristocracy.,nobility,plergy,cattle,poultry,people,folk,gentry,vermin) are always the verb after them will be plural.i.e.

Cattle are grazing in the field.
The clergy are happy.

10.These noun words (mathematics,news,physics,gallows,politics,small fox,whereabouts) are always singular,so the verb after them will be in singular.i.e.

The news is false.

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