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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Rules for finding out determiner,modifier,headword.finite,phrase in a sentence in an ease way:-

Determiner:generally determiner are seen at first in a sentence.

Modifier:the word or words between determiner and headword is modifier.

Headword:the subject of a sentence.

Participle phrase:v-ing/v-p.p/having +verb-p.p/noun are participle phrase.

Infinitive phrase:to +verb +noun is an infinitive phrase

prepositional phrase:prep. +noun

finite:two or more verb of a sentence.

For example:The learned professor teaching english in our college has gone to Dhaka to meet his friend.

Here the *deter.learned *modify.professor *head w.teaching english * our college/to dhaka *prep. Phrase.has gone *verb meet*infinitive phrase.his friend*noun phrase

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